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Welcome Bauerle Ranch & The Estates of Bauerle Ranch Residents!

Dear Homeowners,

If you see an association related emergency before or after the normal weekday hours of 7:00am - 7:00pm (e.g. a water leak or other non-police related matter) please call RealManage at 1-866-473-2573.

Log on to the Resident Portal by going to or clicking the link at the top right corner of this page. The Resident Portal requires a user login. For questions or login information about the Resident Portal, please contact

If you are in need of a pool key or pool key replacement please fill out the Pool Key Waiver Form and email it to All owners will be issued new keys when the pool re-opens. Details regarding pickup will be emailed to the address on file.

Amenity Center Keys

If you were not able to participate in the previous on-site keycard distributions, you may now request a keycard. The 5-page waiver must be completed by the registered owner and any tenants if applicable. Please email the form to The waivers will be reviewed, and once a key is loaded into the system, mailed to the address listed. It takes 7-10 days on average for staff to send the key. There is a limit of one key per household.

All keys are $35, and payment must be received before receiving a key through USPS.

Restrictive Covenants (Rules) of the Association

As you know, one of the benefits of living in a homeowners association is the enforcement of the community's restrictive covenants (DCC&Rs) or rules (attached). The enforcement of the rules helps keep the home values high, protecting the investment you made in your home. It is the obligation of the Board to enforce the covenants. During the initial phase of the pandemic, inspections were put on hold; there were more significant concerns than lawns. Now that our community is easing back into a new sense of normal, inspections and the enforcement of the restriction have resumed. The most common violations are in the chart below. Please be sure to confirm you are following the rules. For a full list of the restrictions, please log on to the Resident Portal and review the documents tab.

Political Signs

Of course, with every rule, there is an exception. In this case, political signs are protected by the Texas State Statutes (Election Code 259.002). The technical terms are written below. Again, to provide a more concise explanation, Owners can display one sign per candidate or item that appears on the ballot. The sign must be ground-mounted and cannot be larger than four (4) feet by six (6) feet.

Owners may place ground-mounted signs on their Lot, which advertise a political candidate or ballot item for an election ("Political Signs"), provided the following criteria are met:

1. No Political Sign may be placed on an Owner's Lot prior to the ninetieth (90th) day before the date of the election to which the sign relates, or remain on an Owner's Lot after the tenth (10th) day after the election date.

2. No more than one (1) Political Sign is allowed per political candidate or ballot item.

3. Political Signs may be displayed only on an Owner's Lot, and may not be located on, nor encroach on, another Lot, Common Area and Facilities, or any property owned or maintained by the Association.

4. No Political Sign may:

(i) contain roofing material, siding, paving, materials, flora, one or more balloons or lights, or any other similar building, landscaping, or nonstandard decorative component;

(j) be attached in any way to plant material, a traffic control device, a light, a trailer, a vehicle, or any other existing structure or object;

(k) include the painting of architectural surfaces;

(l) threaten the public health or safety;

(m) be larger than four feet by six feet (4'x6');

(n) violate a law;

(o) contain language, graphics, or any display that would be offensive to the ordinary person; or

(p) be accompanied by music, other sounds, by streamers or is otherwise distracting to motorists.

The Association may remove a Political Sign displayed in violation of this Policy.

Sign Policy

The One-Sign Policy incorporates the Political Sign Policy as drafted and edited by the Association's legal counsel in conjunction with the Architectural Committee (ACC) and Board. The policy allows for one (1) sign, no larger than five square feet (5 sqft) in a homeowner's front yard without the need for ACC approval. The sign must be maintained in good condition and may not be considered offensive.

Examples of items deemed offensive included but were not limited to profanity or explicit language, calls for violent behavior, inflammatory language, or nudity or objectionable images. The one-sign does not prohibit a single small security company sign up to 18 square inches.

Also allowable under the policy are celebratory signs with a limited display of up to 45-days. Political signs are protected under the Elections Code 259.002 and remain unaffected by the policy. Additional signs require ACC approval before being placed in the yard.

Travis County Wildlife

Dear Homeowners,

If you have concerns or conflicts with wildlife, please call Emery Sadkin, a Wildlife Animal Protection Officer, at 311 or 974-2000. Calls must be made so they can document activity and behavior

Community Pool
Pool Location: 2901 Lynnbrook Drive
Pool Hours: 6:00am - 10:00pm, Monday - Sunday
Pool Rules
Community Playground
Playground Location: 2901 Lynnbrook Drive

Kocurek Elementary School

Phone: 512-414-2547

Location: 9800 Curlew Dr.

Principal: Heather Parmelee

Bailey Middle School

Phone: 512-414-4990

Location: 4020 Lost Oasis Hollow

Principal: John Rocha

Akins High School

Phone: 512-841-9900

Location: 10701 South 1st St.

Principal: Tina Salazar

Baurele Ranch Swimming Pool

The Bauerle Ranch pool season is May 1st - September 30th, daily between 6:00am - 10:00pm.

There are no life guards or monitors - SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Report all issues to 866-473-2573 and be prepared to provide your home address and community name.

Pool Keys

Keys issued in 2020 continue to work. If you did not receive a new key in 2020, please complete the form and waiver to receive a new key. ONE KEY PER HOUSEHOLD.

Amenity and Pool Key Waiver Form

Enforcement and Fine Policy

In an effort to recoup some of the expenses the Association spends on enforcing deed restrictions, the Board voted to adopt an enforcement policy that includes fines.

By implementing fines, the Board will be turning that expense back to the violator instead of the rule-abiding residents. The chart below describes the procedure.

As a reminder, violations remain on your account for six (6) months from the prior notice. Any subsequent violation will escalate to the next level. For example, your trash can is left in front of the garage, instead of stored out of sight when the inspection occurs. You receive a courtesy notice. Life happens, and three (3) months later it the bin is left out again. Even though it isn't habitual, you now receive your second notice. The next month, your child bails on their chores and leaves the can out front. Now you receive two (2) letters, one in the mail, and one you have to sign for (it is sent certified). Four (4) months later, you go out of town but forget to ask the neighbor to wheel in the trash bin while you are away. Even though it is more than six (6) months since the initial violation, it has only been four (4) months since the last notice; therefore, you receive a $50 violation. If you have another infraction within six (6) months, you will receive a $100 violation followed by a $200 violation. If, however, you find a system that allows you to keep your trash bin stored out of sight for more than six (6) months, your violations will go back to zero.

Each violation type is independent. If in the example above, you get a lawn maintenance violation when you were out of town, it will receive a courtesy notice. After six (6) months without a repeat, it will fall off of your account.